Zerk is an American rapper, songwriter and producer from Flint, Michigan. Zerk began to gain recognition after participating in a variety of contests, both online and through a number of radio stations, both locally and nationally with his music. In October, 2017, he won the Best Rapper Alive Contest by Anno Domini Beats with the release of his single, “Prove It”. He is the founder and owner of the record label, Systemattic Music.


Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Zerk (born Jarred Adams) moved to Flint, Michigan at the age of 4 months old when his parents separated. Not ever knowing what it was like to live with both parents in the same house, he still went back and forth between his parents. Throughout his childhood, and most of his teenage years, he moved around a lot, switching from school district to school district, year after year, ultimately going to 3 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 3 high schools.


He’d always enjoyed writing, whether it was essays for school, poetry, short stories, etc. At the age of 12, he developed a strong interest in music and began writing song lyrics. Eventually, at age 15, he recorded his first song and released it in April, 2007. Soon after, he moved to Naples, Florida.  While in Naples, he participated in Drama/Theater, developing his acting/writing skills, writing scripts, monologues and poems and performing them on stage while also writing music as well. He began to gain somewhat of a local popularity in the area while living and performing in Florida, but after 6 months, he moved back to Flint.


Back where he started, in a very low income home in the middle of a dangerous environment, he continued writing, recording and performing. Consistently moving from house to house and parent to parent, being forced to make new friends and find new places to record, he released multiple singles


After High School, he took the only money he had, and found a recording studio just outside Detroit, Michigan. In 20 hours of studio time, he spent all the money he had and had nothing satisfying to show for it, so he began networking and found an alternative. He began working with local engineers and producers, rehearsing and recording at in-home studios for sometimes days to even weeks at a time. Over the next year and a half, he wrote, recorded, advertised, marketed, worked hard and established a more financially secure situation for himself. At 19, he independently released his very first album titled “I’m So Amazing”. He continually developed not only as a recording artist, a rapper and singer/songwriter but as a producer and audio engineer as well.


One year later, he built a recording studio in his bedroom, and began recording and engineering for himself and others soon after, creating a consistent flow of activity. Since 2010, he has released several mixtapes, albums and EPs, as well as featured on multiple projects with various artists, both local and international. With a long list of projects he has been involved in, as a producer/engineer and recording artist, delivering hard-hitting, fast paced, incredibly lyrical rapping and unique melodies, who wouldn’t be excited for anything involving Zerk?